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Start by adding your employees.

Add your employees to RETAIN—or better yet— let us connect to your payroll software and we'll do it for you.

Image of a bell and a notification

Acknowledge special days.

Receive reminders in your news feed of employee milestones, birthdays, and anniversaries.

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We'll ask how things are going.

Through automated surveys, we'll ask your employees how they are feeling as they acclimate and grow in their positions.

Image of a report

Review employee feedback.

We'll notify you when a new survey is completed. You can read employees’ comments and discuss survey results in RETAIN.


Survey Sequence

Survey Sequence Line Chart

All You Have To Do

Get notifications


Receive a daily email that indicates what action should be taken that day.

Delegate to a manager


Take the action or delegate to another manager.

Image of messages that close feedback loop


Read what the manager did to solve the employee's problem.


Seamless Delegation

Receive an assignment

Receive assignment

Receive a notification when someone assigns a task to you.

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Complete task

Wish the employee a happy birthday or follow up with an employee's concern.

Report Back

Report back

When you finish an action item, mark it off so the team knows it has been addressed. Leave a comment if you desire.